Crowns & Bridges

When one or multiple teeth are severely damaged it can affect your smile, ability to chew and speak. We use the latest technologies to create crowns that look natural and restore function.

Teeth that are slightly damaged can often be repaired using a traditional filling and composite material. A tooth that has been severely damaged due to decay or trauma sometimes requires a crown or a "cap" to be placed on the tooth. In this process the natural tooth is made to accommodate a crown that is placed over the reduced natural tooth. The result is a permanent crown that looks, feels, and functions just like your natural tooth. A bridge is used to replace a lost tooth, and consists of 3 or more crowns fused together. Two or more teeth are reduced to accommodate the crowns on either side of the gap and the whole unit is permanently attached to restore the function and appearance of the teeth. Bridges require the removal of potentially healthy teeth, and for that reason implants are increasingly becoming standard of care to replace a missing tooth, but bridges offer a viable alternative if bone levels do not allow for an implant. Book your appointment today and we can see what treatment option best suits your needs.

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